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Christmas Tree Decorations

Our favorite holiday sweet breads and cakes are here from Italy! We have several gift options to choose from, starting at $34. We have Pandoro, Classic Panettone, and other panettone flavors like Chocolate, Limoncello, Strawberry White Chocolate, and Pistacchio. We also have everyone's favorite, Caffarel Italian Chocolates. Prices vary based on flavor, and you save more when you purchase a combo that includes wine and chocolate!

All prices can be found on our online portal, just click the Shop button below and select the Panettone menu in the drop down.

Pandoro (which means Bread of Gold) is a Christmas cake from Verona, Italy. Not only is the cake light, fluffy and delicious, it's fun to make!  Below is a demo on how to serve your Italian Pandoro.

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